“When your heart and mind are one,

your spirit soars.”



5 (or 6) Q’s to ask yourself if you are thinking of leaving your marriage/ relationship

If I never find another love, am I better off? Am I staying because I want to be ‘married’ (wanting to be in the state of marriage/ in that relationship) If I want to be married (in this kind of


5 ways to know it is time to end your marriage

You wish your spouse would get hit by a bus (and die, because you don’t want to have to visit them in hospital) You wish you were dead (so you don’t have to live in your life) You (secretly) wish

Depression. young attractive woman with an awful migraine

What I tell myself when I don’t feel like letting go

Why am I holding on? What do I fear and why? For me, it usually comes down to a fear of moving on. I may feel attached to a feeling, a person or a situation because it is giving some


Another 5 reminders for times when you feel like giving up

Challenge is at the edge of great discoveries Digging deep helps you find inner strength Think how wonderful you will feel when you have gone that extra mile Everything is in balance so when you are challenged you are also

Sunset Rays

5 reminders for times when you feel like giving up

Life is such a gift it is pity not to enjoy it. You have the right to experience all that life has to offer Your _____ would not want you to stop living and loving The best way to honour