Like many people I have had a varied career, with the common theme of working to improve outcomes for individuals and organisations.

I have been described as a great problem-solver and seem to be able to naturally and easily see the forest and the trees.  I love helping people have the “ah-ha” moments, when they realise that it doesn’t have to be that hard, that there are simple solutions to their problems if they can take a step back.

Don’t get me wrong.  Problems can be complex or complicated, but you can often do a series of simple things to help change the situation.

Some Personal History

I started work as a physiotherapist and worked in the public and private health systems for over 20 sometimes very odd years.  I learned systems are not perfect, but that many people – staff, managers and business owners achieve amazing outcomes despite imperfect systems, and with the right motivation, amazing results ensue.

Working as a researcher and consultant in Ergonomics and OH&S for many years gave me the wonderful opportunity to work with numerous industries and sectors including manufacturing, hospitality, transport, mining, health, finance, administration and many others.  I have worked in the public and private sector, and with some major multi-national and national organisations.  In this time, I learned about compliance, management strategies, resource allocation, budgetary constraints, silo management, as well as negotiation, communication and problem solving.  This led me to develop The Systems Model™ to explain People-Systems Integration, that can be applied in multiple situations.  It ispossible to develop the “perfect” system if you understand how it will be used.  I have enjoyed helping organisations identify the pitfalls in their existing practice so they can improve their productivity and efficiency.

I believe that you can solve any problem if you throw enough money at it.  But the trick and challenge is that when the budget is limited (always the case), you need to be creative, spending time finding workable solutions, and then implement these solutions in an integrated manner.  I love assisting that process.

I have evolved further, as many people working in various fields over time do.

I am now interested in how people relate to each other, to their work environment, to the demands of their work and then how that relates to productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and profitability while helping orgnaisations and individuals thrive, helping them lead a fulfilled and inspiring life.