Divorce is tough for everyone – for those going through it, and those around them.  It can impact your business, your job, your children, your health, wealth, purpose and identity.

You will find that you are reacting and responding to all sorts of things, at odd times and sometimes in quite unusual ways.

You’ll get lots of advice about what to do, when and how, and some of that advice will be spot on for you.  Sadly some of it won’t.  You may even find that you have to ‘undo’ something done by mistake rather than just get on with getting through it.

You can do it your way.  You can go through divorce with dignity and respect.  You can maintain your relationships, or build new ones.  The trick is, you have be as discerning in your decisions around your divorce as you would be in formulating a major business project or business deal.  It will take time, due consideration, introspection, research, planning, and the right advice.

You have the right to say “NO” to what you consider irrelevant or incorrect advice for you.  Each person and situation is unique and it is up to you to decide what you want now, and how you want your future.


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