What if you were to accept that the answer you find is the best answer there is for you at this time?

Many people are locked into the need to find the ‘perfect’ solution to every problem or issue they face.  But this can mean that they have analysis paralysis and don’t decide or finish anything.  When you are going through rebuilding your life after separation and divorce it is important to just do something and get on with it.

You will never know everything there is to know because there is always something more to learn – a new interpretation of facts, a new discovery, a new idea, a new recipe. Our social contexts change rapidly, and so do we.  Making do, and making the best of the situation may be an answer.

Even NASA had to ‘make do’.  Computerisation has advanced greatly since the days of the first Apollo moon landing in July 1969.  The total computer power that controlled all the systems that got man to the moon and back again was less than that in a smart phone today.  Yes, NASA could have waited until science advanced as much as the engineers suspected it would, but they were racing to meet a President’s promise to uphold national pride and achievement (to beat the Russians) and in so doing, they managed to inspire the world, and the photographs taken during the Apollo missions are still astoundingly beautiful.

So the answer you find, and the decisions you make based on those answers are going to be the best that you can.  You will have considered everything relevant to you at the time, based on everything you know or that you can discover within reasonable means.

Entrepreneurs act based on their understanding of market forces, ideas and opportunity at the time – and are prepared to revisit and revise their decision in response to the results as they assess them.

Maybe you could do the same?

I’d love to read your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments below.

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