Westerners tend to fear loss and grief. We fear endings and change and we judge events, labelling each good and bad.

It might be that we fear the end of a chapter in our lives, our job, our wealth, our children leaving home, but I think most of all we fear the permanency of death. And death is inevitable.

What if you were to think of death differently? Quantum physics teaches us that nothing is lost or gained, that it is merely transformed – that energy changes from potential to kinetic too .. and so it goes. The net result is equality in the system.

And so it is with the energy of people around us. When we are locked into our sense of loss, and feeling our grief we are closed to see how these people are expressed in our current world. They are in our hearts and minds. Other people take their place and give us the hugs we so desperately miss, provide much needed wisdom and counsel and even argue and fight with us in the same way the person we miss did.

When we love someone, they never leave us.

Love remains even if the corporal experience of the person ends.

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